I really wonder what made the authors of ITIL Service Transition book create some concept called 7 Rs of change management!

Of course, they say that this set of questions can be used as a ‘starting point’ . How ever, being a best practice documentation, is it worthwhile to create some concept with an interesting title like this – when the contents are just sample questions? (And even more wierd- create objective type questions in the foundation certification like ‘What does 7Rs of change management represent!)

The high-lighted section called 7Rs of change management says: ” These question must be answered for all changes”. While this is the intention, the attempt could have been to include all the mandatory questions, rather than to include only those which has Rs in the key words!


For example, there are questions in this, like:

‘What is the return required from the change?’ and

‘What are the risks involved in the change?’

Now one wonders, where it the basic question of ‘What is the impact of this change’ (that is why this activity of evaluation is generally called as the impact analysis!) The text in the ITIL book also talk about the impact of changes.

a) Are we supposed to assume that the ‘return’ in the above question contains impact as well? But in that case, a negative impact is not a return that is ‘required‘ from the change.


b) Are we considering risks and impacts the same? Can’t agree with that!

Also, the other aspects like cost (though there is a question about resources – since resources start with R!!), are not there in these questions.

The point is – ITIL could have provided a more comprehensive (‘starting point’) list of questions for this, had they resisted the temptation to create some thing jazzy like a nice to hear- ‘7Rs of change management’.