I felt there is considerable amount of confusion among some topics within the CSI life cycle stage of ITIL V3.

Two specific topics in the same, for example, when taken separately makes perfect sense:

  • CSI Model
  • CSI process or 7-step improvement process

CSI model talks about a 6-phase approach as model for continual Service improvement.

CSI process gives a 7-step process form continual improvement which is based on quantitative measurements and analysis.

One common doubt a reader gets while reading the same –

  • Are we supposed to understand how to use the model and process together?
  • If yes, how to link the model to the process? or how these coexist with each other?
  • If no, are we supposed to select either the model or process? or are they used in totally different contexts?

I happened to raise the question to Mr. Gary Case, one of the authors of the CSI life-cycle volume in a recent ITSM conference. His answer was – ‘ they were never intended to be linked box to box or phase to step’.

We were supposed to have a further detailed ‘off-line’ discussion on the same, which unfortunately didnt happen – a missed opportunity for me.

Hence the confusion remains..

Unless convinced by some body otherwise (which I am more than willing to) , I tend to believe that there should be some way it should be explained – on how the model and process coexist or integrate together in the context of ITSM.

A google search showed that there are some attempt to link them – for example by Mr. Jan Van Bon in his book: ‘IT Service management based on ITIL V3: A pocket guide‘ . (Not that I fully agree to the integration suggested by him in that book- may be will blog on the same some other time).

It can also be interpreted as the 7-step improvement provides the measurement and analysis framework required for the CSI – But then, there is a clear overlap of the steps in this process with that in the Service measurement process as described by CSI.

The point is, there is a need for clarity on how these coexist in the ITSM practices.

My quest continues, will write about the same as soon as I find some convincing and logical answers…