For those who thought (include me in) that the all new ITIL certification scheme is a bit too complex, here are some more, the names in the scheme are not fully finalized.

So wait for some more time before you announce your deep knowledge of the revised ITIL certification scheme!

Initially, the top two levels were named ‘ITIL Diploma’ and then ‘Advanced’ as below (Note: this is old strucutre, please refer to the updated one further down in this page)ITIL V3 qualification scheme - Old

This scheme has undergone a few iterations already, and the names got changed.

‘ITIL Diploma’ became ‘ITIL Expert’

(I guess some body out there didnt like the word diploma for that level of qualification!)

Later, The titles of the Service capability modules have changed to:

OSA = Operational Support & Analysis
PPO = Planning, Protection & Optimization
RCV = Release, Control & Validation
SOA = Service Offerings & Agreements ITIL V3 qualification scheme - Updated

And now, 

‘Advanced’  level has become ‘ITIL Master’ as per the latest update from OGC/APMG.

You can see the official publication on the same here.

So, the new structure looks like this: