Recently I took the ITIL V3 Manager bridge exam – to upgrade my certification level to ‘ITIL Expert’.

I am yet to get my results on the same – will update here once I get to know about that. Keeping my fingers crossed.  ( Ok got the result finally – here is the update on the same!)

First, let me talk about the experience of preparing and then writing the exam:

The syllabus is a bit exhaustive. The sample question papers that I have laid hands on told me that you have to literally read the books end-to-end.

Here are some of the tips from my experience as a student (not started training at that level yet):

  • Read the five core books – the exam (though just 20 multiple choice questions) expects you to know the theory and concepts from across the five volumes – Ofcourse based on the prescribed syllabus.
  • Leave out your mindset from the V2 Service Manager certification experience – where in you are being tested on your conceptual understanding, justification and articulation. Here, you need to know the theory (as ITIL books says) – in some cases, verbatim.
  • Give special focus to the diagrams in the book. Be clear on the diagrams, the labels, the titles etc. Mind you – you get tested in those. So they expect you to know the books! Not just ITIL.
  • Read the ‘Official introduction’ the book  thouroughly (I strongly recommend this- if you dont have access to it, get access somehow)- I found that it gives a better perspective to answering some of the questions (No- it is NOT and work-around to avoid reading the five core volumes; You cant escape that!)
  • As in all multiple choice exams – many of the options are confusing (unless you possess good photographic memory from the books). So ensure you review your answers before you decide to end the exam.
  • Margin for error is very less – since you need to get 16 right answers out of 20.

Now, a few opinions about the exam (as a trainer, consultant and student in the domain):

  • Personally, I am a bit disappointed with the way the person is tested at that level. Not that it is easy – but you are not really tested about your upgraded knowledge on V3(from your V2 Service manager level. Instead, I felt, you are more tested on your familiarity with the books here.
  • I really didn’t understand the need for 90 minutes for the answering of 20 questions. Yes, there are scenarios associated with each question which you need to read and understand. But one gets a feeling that – irrespective of the scenario, most of the answers are identified based on how good your photographic memory tells you on ‘what exactly is given in the book’.
  • Some of the questions were really ‘foundation stuff’. The scenario was for namesake. You could answer them if you had fair knowledge at V3 foundation level. (I am not sure if this is by design – based on the assumption that people going for V3 Manager bridge need not be V3 foundation certified!)

I had a bit more expectations from this bridge exam – especially as this provides a by-pass route for professionals with V2 certifications to go directly to the higher level of certification in V3.