Recently I engaged with a client who wanted to set a up a comprehensive metrics system for their services.

The need is straight forward: The management is not able to get a clear view of how the service management is functioning on all fronts, a realization that was triggered by unprecedented growth of the service management size itself in just couple of years.

The Vision that we jointly developed was this: Arrive at a concise score card at all levels of management – to get a real-time (not literally) information on how the Service management was performing.

Yes, a basic premise of the well known Balance score card concept.

A fundamental scenario that was thrown up (I would call that as one of the most positive outcome of the initiative itself) : There was a large amount of ambiguity in terms of the organization, roles, responsibilities, scope, accountabilities etc etc.

A practical realization of a basic fact (which looks obvious in hindsight) – You cannot measure some thing that you are not clear about.

In other words, the first step of measurement is to decide “What” to measure. For arriving at this, you need to have an understanding of the whole business objectives, business processes, organization, roles and responsibilities clarity etc.  And it is also amazing to see how much of corrections/finetuning can be identified in the whole structure, just by trying to identify necessary and sufficient metrics.

I am not an expert on BSC and have a very minimal exposure to the detailed concepts of the same. However, the logical model that we have derived for the client has gelled verywell with the concept. For purists, there must be a lot of criticisms in which the score card was conceptualized and is being implemented. However, our focus had been and will be on the need and the objective we set forward in this initiative.  Like the saying goes ‘The end will justify the means!’ or we hope so.