So even that is official now! My hopes of that being an ‘April fool gag’ is shattered… 🙂

ITIL Software scheme is launched in Dallas. You can read the details on the official ITIL Site:

Here are some of the key points from the assessment:

  • The scheme went live in the itsmf fusion event in Dallas.
  • The scheme has already approved (! – by the time of official launch?)the following vendors : CA, BMC, IBM and Intasoft. 
    • Does that mean their tools are already approved as ITIL compliant? My understanding was that the compliance check is for specific tools – not for vendors. Anybody have any further information on this?
    • They seems to have gone through the pilot process to get approved.
  • The already confirmed assessors (Licensed Software assessors) are: SMCG and Pink Elephant

Probably in the near future we will get to know the actual products those are approved to be “compliant” (I still can’t get to adjust with that word! :-()

the details of the scheme, if you haven’t yet seen, is available here.