If there is a state beyond ‘being fed up’, I have reached that, with the people asking for ITIL dumps!

Some people start with them wanting to understand ITIL, implement ITIL and all that preludes and end up ‘by the way, do you have any dumps that I can use?’

Some others are much more straight forward – ‘I am planning to take the exam this saturday; can you send me some dumps?’

I have learnt to ignore those questions on forums, yahoo groups etc long back, but when it is a direct attack on you, still can’t hide a visible frown on my face and a tinge of that in my voice (if it is over phone) – will get there soon! By the way I am much more tolerant towards people ask for ‘sample question papers’! (just cosmetic change… but still).

Yeah, I am talking about Questions for ITIL foundation exams.

People are so used to certification exams and they depend and trust ‘dumbs, sorry… dumps’ much more than that a trainer, the official ITIL books or even themselves!

Nothing wrong at all – except that I am not clear what is the outcome they are expecting other than a paper certificate in hand! If that is it, why can’t they spare at least trainers like me who live in the passion of it (and of course, make a living out of it… it hurts…! lol)

Here are my few  tips to those who takes the web search engines and torrent sites upside-down looking for dumps:

  • If you are using the dumps to get confidence after you have learnt the subjects well, then no comments – but that itself shows you havent learnt the subject well. If you did, a couple of sample question papers should give you the confidence.
  • There are numerous sources out there who provide the so called ‘dumps’ – mind you, some (if not most) of them are their intellectual property (:-)- I mean created out of their intellect). So don’t expect them to see in the final exams.
  • Even if you trust those questions, dont trust those answers blindly. I have seen enough ‘wrong’ answers being published as correct answers in some sample sites I could browse through. Talk bout ‘ more damage than good’ to your prospects in the exams!

And the final tip – try asking for a couple of extra (read free) hours of clarifications on topics/questions from people like me , than asking for dumps; you have much better chance of getting that!