The stake holders world over have been debating the mandate from OGC to revise ITIL V3 core publications.

Now they have published a call for participants (authors and Reviewers) for the same. Here are some excerpts and a few observations/remarks:

  • The objective of the ‘project’ is to address ‘issues’ and ‘inconsistencies’ in the current ITIL documentation. No new concepts will be added.
  • The participants in the projects will be at three levels:
    • Author: One author per each of six books! (Even the ‘official introduction’ book is getting revised along with 5 core volumes).
    • Mentors: who will mentor the author – each of the mentor will have to be authors of current version.
    • Reviewers: Two levels of review – around 10 people will review the core volumes in stage 1 and around 15 in stage 2. There is an intent to ensure representation from different levels of organizations,while selecting reviewers.
  • In the case of Authors – even though the service will be delivered by individuals – the contract has to be with a legal entity.

Please note that the role of ‘Author’ here is to correct the inconsistencies and issues as identified through the Change control log. So, I get a feeling it is more of a (probably ‘enhanced’) technical writer role than a real authorship. I could be wrong!

Also, one is not sure – the revised publication will have the original authors’ name + the revision author’s name in the list of ”Authors”.

And here comes the interesting part for most of us (who are not planning to become authors, mentors or reviewers):

  • The author selection process will complete and they will start work somewhere in December 2009
  • (If everything goes fine), the revised edition will be published in early 2011!

So the revised edition of the framework will be coming out almost after 4 years of the publication of the current version. Makes one think, probably coming out with a ITIL V4, even if it takes a bit more time, would have been a better idea.

So, those among us who are not going to be in active role for the revision process, we can still continue to use, implement, train, advocate the current version of the ITIL V3 framework for another 14-16 months at least – knowing very well that the “revised and corrected version” is coming up soon!

A nice feeling indeed!