I thought good  practice schemes have a natural death – when newer, better practices comes to the foray, the older ones gracefully fade out.

I started my journey with ITIL in V2 and never cared to look at V1 as it was almost naturally taken over by V2. I am not sure (disclaimer) if there was a planned and executed end of V1 from the source – OGC or TSO

Yesterday the official press release from OGC announced the phased withdrawal plan for ITIL V2. Points worth a note are:

  • The decision is based on a survey of around 1300 people in the industry.
  • The Withdrawal will be complete on 30th June 2011  (Just wondering is it a mere coincidence that the ITIL V3 revision is also planned to complete just before that? May be I am reading too much into it)
  • But wait, that withdrawal is with respect to the Publications (books) – though it “may be” made available later on a ‘print-on-demand’ basis.
  • The certifications will be withdrawn earlier in phases:
  • V2 Foundation to cease 30 June 2010
  • V2 Manager to cease 31 August 2010
  • V2 Practitioner to cease 31 Dec 2010 
  • Foundation Bridge to cease 31 Dec 2010
  • After that only ‘re-sits’ will be allowed till 30th June 2011.

    There are still some unanswered questions:

    • The certifications will continue for almost an year (post withdrawal of V2 foundation, V2 manager etc) with current V3 ones – knowing fully that a ‘correction’ (err…revision) process is underway for that.
    • While the end of V2 was planned at the time of V3 launch itself, why are we forcing an established ‘good practice’ framework out of existence? Learning some ‘good practices’ from product companies? ( Yeah, incidentally OGC used the word ‘Product’ in the announcement : “Withdrawal will be product based”)

    So, it is more or less clear that V2 still has a lot of takers – it did not gracefully fade when V3 came out (even after a couple of years).

    Hence is it forced to – or sentenced for execution?

    One can only hope and believe: All that happens is for good! It is all written!!!