Saw the press release yesterday from official ITIL site:

‘Donovan Pearce, Joint Winner of itSMF’s 2009 Student of the Year Award’ :  Read the press release on the Official ITIL Site.

First of all, personally I was not aware of such an award. So after reading the press release, I decided to update my info-base.

This is specifically by itSMf UK and the basic criteria is you should have taken multiple certifications in UK.  (Of course, the official site press release doesn’t mention that)

This is what is there officially at the itSMf website, if you are among those like me who didn’t know: itSMf UK awards 2009

Here are some details about the award, available on the itSMf UK site:

Entry Criteria :

  • The ITIL student listed on the Official Accreditor’s ITIL Successful Candidate Register who has achieved the highest average mark across two or more ITIL Intermediate qualifications. This student must have been trained in the UK by an Accredited Training Organisation.
  • Individuals are automatically entered into this Award if they have taken two or more ITIL Intermediate qualifications within the UK.

Evaluation Criteria:

  • To have attended an accredited course within the UK
  • To have achieved the highest mark in the across 2 or more ITIL Intermediate qualifications


To be eligible for this award, the nominee must meet the following conditions and requirements:

  • To have completed the course between September 1st 2008 and August 31st 2009
  • The nominee must be employed by a business entity with a registered office in the UK, or with a UK Government agency or with a UK Academic Establishment

And there are awards for best trainer etc, but all limited to UK for this specific itSMf scope.

I also found that similar awards are offered by other itSMf chapters as well.

Hope to see such a thing starting in India and other countries soon.