Just finished our final batch of ITIL V3 Manager Bridge this week – final because of APMG’s announced ‘Hard-stop’ of V3 manager Bridge certification on June 30th, 2011.

For ITIL V2 Service Manager certified professionals, the situation is not as bad as many of them think, even after June 30th: The available path towards ITIL expert certification are specified by APMG here:

As per this communication, a certified ITIL V2 Service Manager can still get to ITIL Expert Certification faster, by completing the following THREE certifications:

1. ITIL V3 Foundation (or V3 Foundation Bridge, if they have already done that)


2. ITIL V3 Intermediate Life cycle : Service Strategy OR Continual Service Improvement


3. ITIL V3 Managing Across Lifecycle (MALC)

Personally, I don’t really understand the logic of the second requirement there : Service Strategy OR CSI. But that is the decision and announcement from the Accreditation body.

However, I definitely see some confusions among students/candidates for certification, caused by the v3 Qualification scheme guide of APMG (that was published in 2009 – and still live on their site, no further updates on their site, hence we can assume that is the current one):

The criteria for ITIL Expert indicates shows the following:

A.  All candidates must hold the V3 Foundation qualification or V2-V3 Bridge equivalent

( Many of the ITIL Experts who went through the V2 Service Manager + Manager Bridge path do not satisfy this condition as V3 Manager Bride DIDN’T have V3 foundation or V3 Foundation Bridge as a pre-requisite. So looks like this is NOT a pre-requisite anymore…)

B. A total of 22 credits minimum must be achieved from ITIL V3 Intermediate Level or earlier ITIL qualifications.

Here, the underlined portion should have been included to take care of the Manager Bridge Certification path.

However, this can introduce the following contradiction to the path APMG has come up with now, for V2 Service Manager Certified people:

–   ITIL V2 Service Manager certification gives me 17 credits, so that fits into the underlined requirement above.

–   The requirement for ITIL V3 Managing Across Lifecycle (as per the V3 qualification program guide) reads:

1. Candidate must have attained a minimum of 17 credits from prior ITIL (V2 or V3) study

2. Successful completion of an Accredited Course for the module from an ITIL ATO

So, if one reads the above conditions together:

–  An ITIL V2 Service Manager Certified professional is eligible to do V3 MALC program, as per this.

– Once they complete the V3 MALC program, they acquire required 22 credits for ITIL Expert.

Since I mentioned above, Condition A doesn’t look like a pre-requisite any more for ITIL Expert, the V2 Service Manager Certified people (as per the current qualification guide) can still go for ITIL Expert by doing V3 Managing Across the Lifecycle ONLY!

Even if Condition A is assumed to be applicable, the requirement of Service Strategy OR CSI doesn’t arise as per the current qualification scheme – unless APMG has updated the pre-requisites and forgot to update their website accordingly.

If any of you have a clarity on the same, would like to hear from you…